You may never again feel so appreciated after volunteering with the infants and toddlers in the children’s ward of Municipal Hospital in Barlad. The children with sight or hearing impairments or mental disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome and PKU crave your personal attention and care. Read below for an inspirational story told through the words of Romania Global Volunteer Sarah.

“Today, I tried coloring with my toes in the same manner as Delia. Hats off to her, because it’s incredibly difficult!

Her face lit up when she realized what I was doing. It must be so difficult for her to watch all of the other kids doing things that she can’t and always having to rely on people. This is one thing that she is independent with, but has to do it a different way so she really enjoyed seeing that she wasn’t alone. After snack she even asked if we could do it again. I never thought I would get fine motor practice with my toes!

I also want to say a bit about Coca, who is the nurses’ aide at the hospital. She has worked for Global Volunteers for about 8 years, and is the most consistent person (besides Country Managers Dan and Mihaela) most of these kids lives. When there are no volunteers, she does it all. She is an amazing woman, and the kids are so lucky to have someone who is so dedicated and loves them unconditionally. Thank you, thank you, thank you Coca!”

Interested in learning more about volunteering in Romania?

Psychiatrists, psychologists, and child development professionals are needed to volunteer with disabled children in a newly acquired “sensory room.” Visit Global Volunteers’ Volunteer in Romania page to read about these childcare volunteer opportunities in Romania. Or, chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator to get your questions answered. We’re ready to help!

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