Keith Kresge and Tim Cunniff: Phenomenal Global Volunteers!

Global Volunteers Keith Kresge and Tim Cunniff are the consummate Global Volunteers (to say the very least about these two men). All told, they have served on 36 service programs with us since 1998.

VIE0811A1 Keith Kresge in classroomKeith has volunteered on 19 Global Volunteers service programs in India (3 times), Montana, St. Lucia (2 times),  Mexico (2 times),  Portugal, Vietnam (2 times), Ecuador, Peru, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Italy (2 times) and China. Keith also is a member on our board of directors. Tim has volunteered on 14 of these service programs in India, St. Lucia, Mexico, Portugal Vietnam (2 times), Ecuador, Peru, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Italy (2 times) and China.

Global Volunteers feels privileged and blessed to have had such men of character, humility, generosity and kindness as volunteers.

Tim writes:

CHILDCARE: I’ve actually participated in three child care programs – Peru (PPA), Ecuador, and in St. Lucia (Kiddies Homey Day Care). I chose these work projects because it is so far removed from my day-to-day life experiences. As an adoptee, at age two, it is also personally important for me to help support the community projects. I wholeheartedly agree with the GV mission statement covering the five essential services.

PER0710A1 Keith Kresge playing with kinder kidsIf you’ve never been in the position to work with toddlers and pre-school children this is challenging, fun, and a great opportunity to see the world from the eyes of a child as you play and teach. The novelty of being the male in the room supports the curiosity of children.

I don’t have children and I think it is very important that children have the opportunity to experience male presence in a supportive, educational, and caring environment. Not to say that they aren’t getting that support in their home life, but in an institutional setting, women are generally the authority figures.

TEACHING: Honestly it sounded like the easiest way to begin a volunteer experience;
my first Global Volunteers service program was in 1988 to Puglia, Italy. The requirement was to be a native English speaker willing to speak with the students to encourage their language education.

The opportunity to meet students from grade school to working adults really allows for a greater understanding of the communities where GV participates.

STL1411A1 Tim Cunniff teaching little ones 2Working with students again can be an opportunity to draw on personal experiences to share understanding of language and the problem solving challenges are great when you work to find the best way to communicate at various levels of proficiency. It has been experience that even the least proficient students are eager to learn about our lives in the United States and sometimes will encourage their stronger classmates to ask questions for them.

Anytime you are in a situation where the students understand that you are purposely with them to help they get a sense of importance and value that makes the relationship special”.

Keith and Tim we salute you! Your fine example of service has been an inspiration to Global Volunteers, all of the teammates with whom you have served, our host partners and local people in the communities where you have served.  You have assisted countless children and young adults in need of help to improve the quality of their lives and opportunity.  No one does it alone and no one can do it alone. You, and our volunteers like you, who keep on coming back and supporting us in countless ways, are the identity and backbone of Global Volunteers. To you we send our heartfelt thanks.

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