Thanksgiving Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

A simple way to give thanks for how fortunate we are is by recognizing the needs of others and responding to those needs. In collaboration with our community partners, we have designed service programs that will make this Thanksgiving one you will always remember and for which you’ll be especially grateful.

Whether you are a student on break, a family or a group of friends desiring to volunteer together, or an employee whose company offers time off during Thanksgiving, you can make an enormous difference in the lives of children and families who are less fortunate. We need you! Join one of our Thanksgiving volunteer abroad programs — and gain a restored sense of peace and gratitude. Browse the list below…

China Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

China Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

We launched our China Volunteer Program to teach English in 1996 to support our partners’ desire for their students  to learn English – the language of commerce, technology and opportunity. Direct one-on-one English instruction has evolved into a wide range of meaningful English teaching projects to meet Chinese students’ and teachers’ expanding needs in an increasingly competitive society.

Cook Islands Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

Cook Islands Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

Regardless of your age or background, volunteer projects through the Cook Islands Civil Society Organizations (CICSO) put your creativity and “can-do” spirit to work in wondrous ways throughout the island. Help provide essential services to children and families we’ve served in the Cook Islands since 1988.

Cuba Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

Cuba Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

Our Cuba volunteer program centers around the Cuban people – their hopes, dreams and goals. We’ve worked with our community partners since 2007. This is a landmark opportunity to volunteer in Cuba and live among the Cuban people:  Respond to community needs. Learn from and about the Cuban culture. Advance English competency. Improve community buildings. Help enhance economic vitality. Contribute to mutual international respect. And, support civil society. Register for a premier Cuba travel opportunity today!

India Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

India Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

Established in 2000, our India volunteer program supports five community partners in the outskirts of Chennai: Two orphanage/daycare centers, a nursery/primary school, a high school, and an early intervention center. As a volunteer in India, you help at-risk children to grow, thrive and reach their full potential through education, nutrition and health care projects.

Ecuador Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

Ecuador Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

Since 1996, we’ve provided volunteer assistance and material resources to children living on the margins in Quito. The daycare centers we helped build and expand provide safe learning spaces for children while their mothers work. For a week or two as a volunteer in Ecuador, you’re a source of care and compassion,  helping children to thrive.

Peru Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

Peru Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

The rapid migration of families from rural areas into Lima and fringe communities has left many thousands of children homeless or neglected. Since 2004, we’ve worked in partnership with community leaders to address social problems resulting from the abject poverty. Be assured that as a volunteer in Peru, your personal contributions make a lasting difference here.

St. Lucia Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

St. Lucia Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

We began working with Anse la Raye’s schools and community organizations in 2012, and initiated the Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) program in 2014.  RCP supports and enhances children’s growth and development from conception through age 18. Significant emphasis is on the first 33 months, sometimes called the first 1, 000 days, and on girl’s education. Pregnant mothers, and their infants and toddlers, receive material, emotional and educational support so both mom and baby can thrive. Volunteers in St. Lucia also help care for and tutor children in preschool, primary and secondary schools.

Vietnam Thanksgiving Volunteer Program

Vietnam Thanksgiving volunteer abroad program

Growing out of rural community development projects in 1995, our Vietnam partnership now focuses on teaching conversational English to students of all ages and abilities in Hanoi. Assisting primary, secondary and university students and working adults with their English learning – even for a week – propels them toward their educational and career goals. Your unique compassion and energy in a range of meaningful projects also builds a long-lasting bridge of friendship between different cultures.

Join us!

For more information about available Thanksgiving volunteer abroad opportunities, including minimum ages for family volunteering, chat online with one of our Volunteer Coordinators or give us a ring at 800-487-1074. Help us better plan and prepare for your engagement by registering early!

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