Long-time Poland alumni report that learning about the Polish people – Polish customs, dance, music, as well as their hopes and dreams is the highlight of volunteering in Poland.  This testimonial from Lori, a 30-time (!) Poland Global Volunteer exemplifies how the Polish people enrich the lives of all who come to know them. 

Several years ago, when I first spoke to friends about teaching English in Poland, one replied, ‘You won’t see much of Poland if you do that.’ I responded that, ‘I would learn a lot of about Polish people.’ In addition to my daily teaching assignments with children and teens, I’ve in fact been able to travel to many places during weekends or gaps between language camps and have come to know Polish people from North to South and East to West across Poland.

But I was right! I have learned a lot about Polish people and Polish culture in all my service programs. It’s the great experiences I have with the Polish children and the Polish language camps staff that draw me back again and again. This year, at the start of our English language camp, the Polish camp director assured us she’d come back as long as she has her health.  And, that’s my intention too. Working with and learning about the Polish people is a great delight in my life. Language camps are too much fun to miss!!!”

Polish people and students study English

Lori and her Polish students at Summer Conversational English Camp.

English language camps are a prime place to meet and get to know Polish people – students, teachers, parents and community leaders!  Days are filled with Polish dance recitals, music competitions, Polish arts and crafts, field trips and inventive ways to practice the English language.  Learning about the Polish people is one way that Poland is truly a dream volunteer abroad opportunity.  Learn about others on this list of the Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer in Poland! Your bags will be packed before you know it!

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