Last views of Ciego de Avila – very sad to be leaving.

My pal, Ramon: a short build of a man always smiling very willing to teach – quite skilled – yet so gentle, willing to share his lunch – a fried fish sandwich with the tail sticking out the bread. Best meal in Cuba so far.

Osto-Marine: sweet very simple kind man would give you anything he possessed without giving a second thought. He was a very slight man, however, he had the ability to do the toughest physical task without showing the slightest amount strain. I am very proud of my friendships I have made with these men.

On the way out of the Church for the last time, I said “Adios” to the old caretaker and as he shook my hand, he asked “manana?” I said “no” – his expression changed and saddened.

teach English in CubaA confession – English classes were something I dreaded early in the week – and now I embrace them. Seeing their eagerness, smiles and hugs, I now learned how important these skills are. The three young 15-year-old girls in our class gave each of the volunteers personalized gifts with engravings burned into the wood. I only hope they – Lenore, Magela and Amanda – get their wish of becoming a dentist, fashion designer and lawyer in this “new world” in Cuba.  I will miss every minute in Ciego de Avila. No regrets for having been a pioneer in Cuba.

You only have once chance to make a 1st impression and I think we all knocked it out the park.  – Bill

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