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  An Afternoon Tutoring Session With Jan Friday, September 21, 2012 We are at the end of our first week and everyone seems to be well  satisfied with their classroom experiences so far. It is refreshing to note that there are no security guards at the school doors and no metal detectors.  Students stand when  teachers […]

Our second week continues with the winds and challenging and interesting experiences. The volunteers continue to amaze me with their energy and detailed attention to their lessons and the students. Today, I want to spend some time focusing on the students. If you recall, in one of my prior dailies, I mentioned ‘food is king’ […]

I spent the afternoon drawing pictures of American bathrooms since our adult students requested information about rooms in American homes. The energy seemed very positive tonight with regard to all settings: the high school, the Mission school and the individual tutoring. Impressive presentations were made by students in Jake and Michelle’s class, along with students […]