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Our week began with Barbara’s fine recap of yesterday’s activity. Then we were treated to a snatch of song from Patty who reprised  “Getting to Know You” – a theme setter for sure. As we boarded the bus for our first day of school, some were eager and some were apprehensive. However, the teachers of […]

Today was our 1st full day in Monopoli. All of us were eager to begin our work in the high school, as we are the 186th team teaching in Italy. We began our orientation right after breakfast and Rita Marzano, the Italian professor who is our liaison in Monopoli, came to welcome us and to […]

Students, Teachers, Monopoli….We Will Miss You We taught students  – both young & old.  They shared so much of their lives, stories and culture with us  Through our many conversations and observations, we feel so privileged to have been a part of this service program.  So now, we wonder…… Did We Take  More Than We […]

  A Time To Pause and Reflect……… We are  nearing the end of our two week stay in Monopoli! I am just beginning to feel comfortable at school with the teachers and the students, finally getting the hang of things.  As we participate in our daily wrap ups,  I can see that everyone  has their […]

Today the volunteers awoke to the sound of the ‘Mistral’, the famous wind that brought waves crashing into the shore just outside the Hotel Cleo. Our tranquil Adriatic Sea was transformed into a beautiful crashing and raging sea. School continued until noon and the volunteers could teach as many as four classes. Some went to […]

It is now day six of our volunteer experience. We arrived promptly at 8:00 A.M. at the school.  Some of us went with teacher, Maria.  She was a substitute teacher for a class of first-year students.  Their level of English was very basic and I thought, “Even I can teach this class!”  They were a […]

Thursday began in the breathtaking setting of the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Rita brought her students to meet us for a field trip, so they could practice English in an ‘old world’  setting. We began with a group photo at the fountain. Then we proceeded on a  lively tour of Monopoli. We visited the  historical centre […]

Which Transportation Do You Prefer? The students appear to prefer the motorcycles. We are now on day three of engaging in conversational English in Italy. After being with the same teacher for two days, I was assigned to Rita along with three other volunteers. We were each given groups to be in charge of in […]

Today was very satisfying.  We arrived at school at 8 AM and rejoined our classes.  My partner and I assisted teacher, Maria with her new first year class by sharing our background and responding to questions and correcting pronunciation. Things really began in earnest  in Maria’s third year English class. We  began with simple vocabulary […]

This is the first day of school for both the students and volunteers.  There was a flurry of activity, with many kisses,  and greetings from the teachers to one another. One teacher arrived with cookies. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see each other. The bell rang and we were quickly sent off with our individual teachers. I was […]