Helping with labor projects

Yvonne has served 10 times with Global Volunteers and is currently serving in Peru. As a retired nurse, one might think that she is the one in charge of looking after people in every community she serves at. But that is not the case. She works on labor projects; she always works on labor projects. As she finished picking up garbage at PPA, a children’s home in Peru, she shared with us her experience helping with labor projects and why she always offers her help for these kinds of projects.

I Prefer Labor

In a lot of places I go to people think sometimes that women cannot do a certain job, but I can. I say ‘give me that job, I can handle it.’ I am not good with kids, so I prefer not working with them, but there are other things I can do.  I love to see what I can accomplish. Sometimes when you do other jobs, for example working with kids, you might not get to see the impact. But when you work on labor projects in the end you see what you’ve done.

Helping with labor projects

Volunteer Yvonne working on labor projects in Peru.

Alpha Dogs

It is usually alpha dogs working on labor projects. But I can work with them. At the beginning they might think I can’t do something, but then they see I can work with then. They respect me and each other, and we are able to work fine.

Helping with Labor Projects

Yvonne is currently working with the gardeners at PPA watering gardens that have not been watered in months (in Lima it doesn’t rain, so if you don’t water the plants everyday, they just die). She also picks up trash as PPA is severely understaffed and there is only one garbage man for an institution with over 300 people. Finally, she has helped paint some of the rooms at the Pre-K.

Whether caring for children or helping with labor projects, there is a great need in Peru and other communities. Our partner communities can make use of your professional background, but if you prefer to do something completely different, they would still take your help. No experienced required; they only need your willingness to help.

Helping with labor projects

Yvonne helping with gardening at PPA in Peru.

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