Today was an extremely hot day out! Team Earth Box set out to replant the Earth Boxes that had been left at the two Early Childhood Centre’s in

Earth Box Lesson at Kids Step St Lucia

Anse La Raye. At the Kid’s Step Preschool there was a buzz of activity with kids singing, teachers instructing and privileged Global Volunteers assisting with the children and working on replanting the four earth boxes. When we had replanted three of the centre’s boxes, we had an enthusiastic group of 4-5 year olds, wide eyed and ready to observe and help out as much as they could with replanting their last one.

The children were excellent in being careful around the boxes so as not to damage the fragile seedlings and were also very helpful

in alerting us when the plants had enough water in the bottoms of the troughs.

For Team Earth Box it was another successful day in the field with the completion of the nine box replants and a happy community host partner. Thanks also to Sam and Mary for their valuable assistance at the work project site.

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