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by Melissa My children have a book about the kids around the world. The message of the book is that “there are kids all around the world just like you.” Seattle, WA and Browning, MT are not a world apart in distance; they may seem like a world apart in other ways. In fact, what […]

Today our team split up into four work groups. Ally worked at the Blackfeet Community College library, where she continued cataloguing and helping the librarian with whatever she needed. Hannah, Tee, Sam and Leah went to the Care Center to continue scraping and painting the outside walls and assembling picnic tables for the residents. As […]

Going to Sunday services in a strange place seemed incredibly daunting at first today. We entered the Methodist Church, and the protective shell I had was shattered immediately as a woman came up to us with a big smile and welcomed us. We sat down and I took in the surroundings. There were between five […]

Driving into the outskirts of Browning, we noted what appeared to be an encampment of tipis and tents in the middle of a field. Michele, our team leader, explained that it was a Sundance — an annual four to five-day ceremony held by the Yellow Kidney family. Because of Michele’s relationship with the family and […]

We started the day with a team meeting to discuss our assignments. The unpredictable weather reinforced the need for flexibility. The assignments for the day included: helping at the pool scrapping the paint off the walls, helping at the green house at the community college, helping at the learning center, helping the activities director at […]

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: given by Tim (from Davenport, IA) (From Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson) Chp. 15 introduction: “Not hammer-strokes, but dance of the water, sings the pebbles into perfection.” **Global Volunteers are part of the continuum in completing projects for their hosts. ** JOURNAL ENTRY: written by Todd (from Jeffersonville, IN) […]

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: given by Maureen (from Rhinebeck, NY) Advice from a lake: Be Clear…. Make Positive Ripples…. Look Beneath the Surface… Stay Calm… Shore Up Friendships… Take Time to Reflect… Be Full of Life… (Taken from Maureen’s bookmark card.) JOURNAL ENTRY: written by Peg (from New York, NY) Our work options were similar […]