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June 28 – First Impressions of the Rez in Montana

Driving into the outskirts of Browning, we noted what appeared to be an encampment of tipis and tents in the middle of a field. Michele, our team leader, explained that it was a Sundance — an annual four to five-day ceremony held by the Yellow Kidney family. Because of Michele’s relationship with the family and […]

June 8 – Daily Life with the Blackfeet in Montana

We started the day with a team meeting to discuss our assignments. The unpredictable weather reinforced the need for flexibility. The assignments for the day included: helping at the pool scrapping the paint off the walls, helping at the green house at the community college, helping at the learning center, helping the activities director at […]


“Getting to Know You”

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: given by Tim (from Davenport, IA) (From Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson) Chp. 15 introduction: “Not hammer-strokes, but dance of the water, sings the pebbles into perfection.” **Global Volunteers are part of the continuum in completing projects for their hosts. ** JOURNAL ENTRY: written by Todd (from Jeffersonville, IN) […]

“We waged our own little act of peace today.”

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: given by Maureen (from Rhinebeck, NY) Advice from a lake: Be Clear…. Make Positive Ripples…. Look Beneath the Surface… Stay Calm… Shore Up Friendships… Take Time to Reflect… Be Full of Life… (Taken from Maureen’s bookmark card.) JOURNAL ENTRY: written by Peg (from New York, NY) Our work options were similar […]