Why Peruvian Food is so Good

Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar talks about why Peruvian food is so good. Peru has amazing food, period. Everyone in Peru knows this, and many people outside come to Peru just for the food. You may think this is subjective, but it’s not: Peru has been named the “World’s Leading Culinary Destination” in 2018 by […]

Why volunteer in Greece

Lynn has volunteered in Greece three times in the last four years. Having fallen in love with the country,  Lynn tells us why you should volunteer in Greece as well.  Why Volunteer in Greece,  as Lynn tells it: Greece is a welcoming, warm country. The weather is just great, sunny and beautiful. And there is the […]

photos of miraflores that will make you want to visit Peru

Learn about our partnership with Sagrada Familia and your opportunity to help children in Peru here. Miraflores is one of the most beautiful, safe, clean, and tourist-friendly districts in Lima, a place where Global Volunteers team members often visit. It combines the modernity and comfort of upscale malls, the historic importance of its archaeological sites, […]

Blackfeet cultural experience

Global Volunteers team members often have the opportunity to participate in a traditional Sweat Lodge ceremony.  It’s a unique experience for most non-Indians, who may have only heard about this practice in cultural lore.  Many volunteers try a few “rounds” inside the lodge around hot rocks that are doused with water while prayers and chants […]

While on your Global Volunteers adventure in service in Ecuador, you can take your free time to explore Quito and the countryside. Nestled high in the Andes Mountains, Quito is the capital of Ecuador. Due to its very well-preserved colonial center, it was the first city ever to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. […]

Check out this video highlighting the stunning city of Bârlad, Romania. Although Bârlad is a small city- about six square miles- with a population of around 55, 000, it’s rich in historical landmarks and attractions.

During your Romania Service Program, you’ll have nights and weekends free to explore the urban sites. In the video above, many attractions can be seen, starting with the tourist center. There is the public garden (featured from (0:6-0:14) , the Vasile Pârvan Museum (which is featured from 1:44-1:57 in the video), the “M. Eminescu” Centre – The Red House Museum (featured from 0:47-0:59), The Marcel Guguianu Museum (featured from 2:00-2:12), as well as other diversions not featured in this video, including a planetarium, an astronomical observatory and many beautiful churches and homes.

Visit our Volunteer in Romania website page to learn more about service opportunities in Bârlad,  or chat with a Volunteer Coordinator below!

Chat online about Barlad,  Romania

Exploring Indian Markets

Team Journal by Fran for Thursday, 28th July 2016: Exploring Indian Markets. My day in Chennai began earlier than usual. I left the guest house around 6:30 this morning to go to the market. It is important to arrive early at Indian markets for several reasons: The morning is cooler and many people arrive early to purchase […]

Global Volunteers Team #164 to Ecuador

Global Volunteers Team #164 in Quito produced engaging photos of service in Ecuador as well as some of the numerous cultural activities. The seven volunteers, including four scholarship recipients from the University of Iowa, served at FUNDAC daycare centers for economically disadvantaged children, helping to care for babies and toddlers,  and assisting with light labor projects. We offer this pictorial example […]

View of Quito

Ecuador Volunteer,  Margaret, writes about caring for toddlers, riding up a mountain, and enjoying her teammates on a Global Volunteer opportunity in Ecuador. On our second day working at the daycare, we again were greeted by the children’s chorus of “buenos días” that warms my heart. The schedule was altered due to no running water today,  so we […]

by Scott Johnson One week of teaching has gone by in a flash. Beja continues to reveal itself as a beautiful city inhabited by warm and friendly people. Loretta and Scott (volunteer teammates) walked this afternoon to the super, supermarket in the shopping center to see Beja’s interpretation of the American Dream. Huge food market […]