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Super Summer Family Volunteering in Peru: The Hill Family

family volunteering in Peru

Summer Family Volunteering in Peru – Sydney Hill and her new friends in Alto Progreso. The teens shared an interest in soccer.  The children welcomed hugs and games just as kids everywhere do.  Neighbors worked together to build a stairway for safety and access on the steep cliff. At the conclusion of their two-week project, they […]

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Conversational English Classes in Spanish Speaking Countries


If someone knows about teaching English classes in Spanish speaking countries, that’s Judi. She has taught conversational English in three different Spanish-speaking countries. Here she shares her experience in each of these communities. In the last two years I have been fortunate enough to engage in conversational English classes with Spanish speaking persons in three countries: […]


What Is the Most Underrated City?

Most Underrated City

 Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar talks about a recent BBC article that highlights Lima as the most underrated city in South America.  If you question American news, you might conclude the BBC News is pretty reliable. So if their travel experts recommend to visit Lima, there must be a reason for it. In my opinion, there are […]


How Do People Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Peru?

New Year's Eve celebrations in Peru.

Peru country Manager Daniel Salazar talks about the different ways people celebrate New Year’s Eve in Peru as well as some local traditions.  That is actually a difficult question to answer as there are many regions with completely different cultures and so various ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Peru. But most people in […]

Holiday Volunteering in Peru on Global Volunteers Programs

Christmas in Peru

Holiday volunteering in Peru has become a Global Volunteers custom in recent years.  Peru Country Managers Daniel Salazar and Maru Moreno describe their work with Global Volunteers teams and local people on holiday teams in Peru. As we get closer to Christmas Eve, the Christmas celebration becomes the most common topic of conversation. For the past two years, whenever […]


Favorite Peruvian Christmas Tradition: Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate During Christmas

 Daniel Salazar, Peru Country Manager, writes about the top three crazy things Peruvians do on Christmas. This is #1: Hot Chocolate During Christmas. #1. Hot Chocolate During Christmas Another Christmas tradition in Peru is drinking hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in Peru is made out of cacao melted with milk, and sometimes mixed with coffee and spices. Of course […]


Peruvians “Go Crazy” on Panettone During Holiday Season

Panettone on Christmas

Daniel Salazar, Peru Country Manager, presents this list of the top three crazy things Peruvians do on Christmas. This is #2: Panettone on Christmas. #2. Peruvians love their Panettone on Christmas: For some reason Peruvians love to eat certain foods during particular times of the year or holidays. We will talk about that later. For now, all […]


Fireworks on Christmas: A Crazy Peruvian Custom

Fireworks on Christmas

Daniel Salazar, Peru Country Manager, writes about “three crazy things Peruvians do to celebrate Christmas.” This is #3: Fireworks on Christmas. #3 Fireworks on Christmas: Everyone loves fireworks – except for dogs. You might have nice memories of fireworks on 4th of July or on your trip to Disney. That is nice, but Peruvians take fireworks to another level on […]

Touring in Peru just Got a Lot Cheaper

Cheap domestic flights in Peru

Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar talks about how the arrival of low-cost airlines has opened the door for cheap domestic flights in Peru.  Thanks to the arrival of low-cost airlines for domestic flights in Peru, touring in Peru just got a lot cheaper. If you would like to visit Machu Picchu, you would have to […]


What is Poverty? – The Concept of Poverty in Real Life

the concept of poverty

This is the first of a four-part series where Peru country manager Daniel Salazar, who has a Master’s Degree in Human Development, discusses the concept of poverty.  We all know poverty is bad and try to avoid it and fight it, either for ourselves or for others. But have you ever stopped and thought about what poverty […]