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Volunteering in Poland

This list will open your eyes to a dream volunteer abroad opportunity. Poland’s extraordinary beauty, hospitality, history and meaningful service awaits! Add volunteering in Poland to your bucket list! Here’s why… 1. Eager, engaged students Polish students understand the importance of English to their career development.  They look forward to and greatly appreciate your help. […]

by Fran Johansen (middle-right in the photo) and her granddaughter Betz Mayer (right in the photo) A day at Villa “Cztery Pory Roku” in Zakopane dawned like most days for us with wisps of mist wrapping around mountains and promises of another wonderful day of building English language skills for the delightful students at the summer English […]

Global Volunteers’ partner communities have engaged families of all ages and sizes in community development projects on service programs since 1984. The Huff family is exceptional; sharing the world of service in Romania, Poland, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania and Ghana with their four daughters. Lisa Huff tells their story: In the spring of 2007, my husband […]

Teaching English in three countries

Marilyn has served in three different service programs. Here she speaks about the experience of teaching English in three countries.  The eyes are equally expectant, although the faces are different. Silent, shy, and incredibly polite college freshman in Xian, China; raucous, rambunctious and never quiet high school seniors in Ostuni, Italy; and respectful, mature adults […]

Team of returning volunteers to Poland

Constance, a volunteer serving in Poland, talks about the experience of  team 251:  a Team of returning volunteers to Poland. The joy of wrapping one’s tongue around three consonants in a row – how one forgets the difficulty entailed in learning basic Polish words and phrases. But that’s the ending so let’s go to the […]

“This being the last journal article I want to thank all those involved in making this a pleasant and worthwhile venture. This has been my fourth volunteer assignment in Poland. I have enjoyed every minute of experiencing a new culture, making new friends, cups of tea and interacting with so many students and adults. The […]

After a nice breakfast that included a Polish omelet, Don, Jack and I headed out to Cisie for our first day of teaching. Natalie, our Polish counterpart teacher, picked us up and we had a nice chat along the way. Although I felt a little nervous, I was happy that I had met my students […]

teaching English in a school in Poland

Alumni volunteer Gary Gullikson talks about his experience teaching English in a school in Poland, his 3rd experience in the country. This year was my first year of organized teaching English in a school in Poland. Previously I taught at a summer camp in a county-owned historic estate called Reymontowka, which is a few miles from […]

Reymontowka Will Linger in Our Hearts

Volunteer Esther talks about her experience teaching English in Reymontowka, Poland, and concludes: “Reymontowka Will Linger in Our Hearts” The final day of a Global Volunteers’ service program is always bittersweet. While looking forward to returning home, we also are sad to leave new friends among the volunteers, camp staff and campers. Our students reported […]

making friends in Poland

Poland Volunteer Vicki Kappus talks about her experience at Reymontowka camp, teaching English, and making friends in Poland.  Milk soup for breakfast! I loved it! Classes went really well for all 5 teachers. I think we’re getting the hang of this. I’ve read so many journals that say after about 3 days, you start to […]