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Family Volunteer Experience of a Lifetime in Tanzania

In the winter of 2014, Deborah Pollard and her two children, Meghan and Aidan, embarked on a volunteer experience of a lifetime to Tanzania. They volunteered for six weeks, providing a variety of different services throughout their program – teaching conversational English and other basic subjects, doing light labor and construction, assisting the health clinic […]

Message of the Day: “The whole pace of life and personality of the people who live among them are different.  They’re not too busy to be coureous.  The hereness and nowness of things is something that they know all about.  The discovery is the real find.” – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance As […]

We woke up to a lovely breakfast among all my new friends. We met early with the General Secretary, who was very enthusiastic to explain how we will be helping in Pommern. We introduced each other to him and asked questions. We had a brief introduction on Global Volunteers’ mission. He spoke with us about […]

Today was a relatively busy day, but it was interesting and great. I feel like I became a real teacher. This morning I woke up at 6:30 as usual, I had breakfast, then I went to the school. I was somehow nervous because it would be my first time to teach a class. Even though […]

I think people should travel to places which are not famous, or places which are hard to reach, like Pomerni and Iringa, because in this way they will have experiences that they’ve never had, see things that they’ve never seen, not like going to London to check out the Big Ben, which most likely you’ve […]

Yesterday was my first day in Africa. The sea shore of Dar es salaam was very beautiful, especially when right before dark. We had dinner in a restaurant near the sea, so I got the chance to see the wonderful sunset. During the dinner, everybody gave a short introduction about themselves, so that the leader […]

By Tanzania Country Manager Edward Mgeni Our friend and Global Volunteer program assistant Moses Kifyasi has married Zamuda  Mgaya.  On this occasion, it is interesting to describe our practice of a dowry before a marriage can be permitted.  This is my experience as a life-long villager in Pommern. When deciding a dowry in this community [The […]

The Ford Family of Great Falls, Montana (all nine of them) served together in Pommern in June 2013.  This is their journal of their Adventure in Service. 8/6/13 – Lovely seaside dinner with Edward. The food is delicious and the view of the water amazing, but we realize this is the tourist “Disneyland” part of […]

  I’m off to meet matron by 7:30 to attend students before classes. It is Friday but no body seems particularly enthused the weekend is here. We had a lot of students with colds and stomach pain, a cough who were referred the teachers (a) morning break and it was great to see them and […]

While we were in Iringa, we ate breakfast and then walked to the Headquarters of the Global Volunteers Organization to meet with the General Secretary Nayman Chavalla. He made me feel more secure as he told us that we were in safe hands. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and his sense of humor during the meeting. […]