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It all started at 8am St. Lucia time (5am AZ time) at Ben’s Hideaway restaurant for breakfast. We munched on a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and a St. Lucian fruit called the star fruit, that was literally the shape of a star. After breakfast we packed into the vans that brought us to […]

A sunny”home” for an RCP mom’s Earth Box. Volunteers gathering for breakfast; thought of the day; the journal reading; loading in the bus; off to our projects – it has been a long time for me since my last Global Volunteers program,  but I feel at home again.  Meeting the staff at the RCP; walking through the […]

  “My son Ajohny enjoys watering the plants.  He is two years and four months old.  I hold him up to the Earth Box, he waters it.” Zarana proudly pointed at her Earth Box, which was flourishing on a board creatively invented by one of her brothers.  With a beautiful smile, Zarana said “I love […]

  Today dawned bright and beautiful at JJ’s Paradise hotel in lovely St. Lucia. The day held a special air of excitement as all the Global Volunteers looked forward to our first REAL day of work, with our Anse La Raye partners.   Anticipation mounted as we quickly dispensed with breakfast and received our transportation […]

  Who can describe the feeling of excitement preparing to land in a country you’ve never been to before?  You get that first glimpse out of the airplane window of the numerous green mountains seemingly dropped from above competing to be more grand than the crystal blue Carribean.  St. Lucia—Where are we? What are we […]

“The universe is a place of abundance when you nurture others while also caring for yourself. Your ability to give and receive multiplies exponentially.” -Christine Northrup M.D. I wake each morning to the sounds of the ceiling fan whirling, doves calling and birds singing. The vibration and chirping of Jane’s cell phone alarm is my […]

Kimmy at Kids’ Step Preschool I began another action-packed day at the Kids’ Step Preschool. We started by saying a prayer and singing songs, including my personal personal favourite, the Barney theme song, since they all get up and give each other huge hugs and kisses. I then got to read them a book that […]

Message of the Day – Patrick “The goals are different, one from another, as from one source spring sister & brother: The end of treading a lifetime journey. Is bed or wheelchair, grave or gurney, But to the one who dares to travel come views of sky and self…. and gravel.” – Thomas Quadrat Day […]

Using Your Professional Skills as a Volunteer

Health Care Global Volunteer Laurie describes parent-child education lesson through the Reaching Children’s Potential Program in Anse la Raye.   It is Friday, which means Team Building Day at the library! My teammate Gabby and I have been anxiously awaiting this day, because we are the “expert” presenters, for the entire day from 9:30am to […]

Our four-member team arrived at the Marigot Secondary School in time for teacher’s morning briefing in the staff lounge. The school briefing opened with the Lord’s prayer and a recitation of the 23rd Psalm. How is it I can remember the words to a Psalm from childhood but can’t remember why I have walked into […]