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Attending to the “Little Joys” of Life

“The universe is a place of abundance when you nurture others while also caring for yourself. Your ability to give and receive multiplies exponentially.” -Christine Northrup M.D. I wake each morning to the sounds of the ceiling fan whirling, doves calling and birds singing. The vibration and chirping of Jane’s cell phone alarm is my […]

Two Weeks of Loving Kindness

Kimmy at Kids’ Step Preschool I began another action-packed day at the Kids’ Step Preschool. We started by saying a prayer and singing songs, including my personal personal favourite, the Barney theme song, since they all get up and give each other huge hugs and kisses. I then got to read them a book that […]

Our First Day of Volunteer Service in St. Lucia

Message of the Day – Patrick “The goals are different, one from another, as from one source spring sister & brother: The end of treading a lifetime journey. Is bed or wheelchair, grave or gurney, But to the one who dares to travel come views of sky and self…. and gravel.” – Thomas Quadrat Day […]


A Day in the Life of a Health Care Volunteer in St. Lucia

Using Your Professional Skills as a Volunteer

Health Care Global Volunteer Laurie describes parent-child education lesson through the Reaching Children’s Potential Program in Anse la Raye.   It is Friday, which means Team Building Day at the library! My teammate Gabby and I have been anxiously awaiting this day, because we are the “expert” presenters, for the entire day from 9:30am to […]

Another Great Day Volunteering in St. Lucia

Our four-member team arrived at the Marigot Secondary School in time for teacher’s morning briefing in the staff lounge. The school briefing opened with the Lord’s prayer and a recitation of the 23rd Psalm. How is it I can remember the words to a Psalm from childhood but can’t remember why I have walked into […]